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Arlington Water Heater Leak

Your water heater help provide warm and hot water for your various domestic operations such as washing dishes, laundry, bathing, and more. After some time, the water heater can develop fault due to wear and tear and start leaking. For your water heater repairs in Arlington, TX, always turn to our experts at Texas Pride. We specialize in repairing water heater leaks and other faults. We also provide various services such as water damage restoration, cleaning, and many more. We are the ideal Arlington water heater leak expert you can always turn to for prompt and professional repair services.

What Can Cause My Water Heater To Leak? 

Leaking water heater is a bad news for so many reasons. Asides from the fact that it undermines the ability of your water heater to deliver hot water on a consistent basis, it also leads to water wastage. But what causes water heaters to leak? There are a number of possible causes including the following:

  • Problems with the water supply line

  • Problems with the water heater nipples

  • A defective temperature relief valve and other issues that can cause too much pressure

  • A defective drain valve

  • Old tank that has been damaged.

Is It Dangerous To Have A Leaking Water Heater? 

Yes, it is quite dangerous to have a leaking water heater and ignore it. Even if the leak is small, it is possible that the underlying cause is really bad and getting worse. In instances where the leak is caused by excess pressure, it is more risky to ignore the problem even for a day. It is actually possible for the water heater to explode when the pressure becomes too intense, and this can lead to damages that will take thousands of dollars to fix. An explosion of a water heater can also cause serious injury to anyone in close proximity. It also has the potential to ignite a fire.

How Do You Know A Water Heater Is Going Bad? 

Recognizing on time that your water heater is going bad can save you from potential danger and loss. When you observe the following, they may be an indications that your water heater is going bad:

  • Rusty or discolored water from the heater

  • It delivers water that smells and taste metallic

  • It doesn’t deliver very hot water no matter how long you heat

  • It takes too long to heat up water or doesn’t heat at all

  • It has become noisy

  • It requires repairs from time to time

  • The heater starts leaking.

How Often Should You Drain Your Water Heater? 

If you want your water heater to work efficiently throughout its lifespan, you need to drain it from time to time. Experts recommend that water heaters be drained at least once in a year. This will clear any sediment and prime the heater for optimum performance.

Contact Us Today!

Contact us today at Texas Pride to know more about our services. Our experts have the required tools and experience to provide a fast and effective repair on your Arlington water heater leak. We will get your water heater functioning efficiently again.

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